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Dear Visa Officer,


My name is XXX. I graduated with a bachelor degree in Accounting from XXX in June 2015. Although my major is Accounting, I have profound interest and passion in Music.


Since graduation in June 2015 to present, I have been working as Music Director with XXX company. The owner and legal representative is my father.


Besides acting as music director,I also operate two media platforms,one is TikTok,the other is kuaishou.Each of the account has close to one million followers and I can make around RMB 5 million yuan a year. I purchased a house that is about 260 square meters in the prime location of Chengdu. The down payment is RMB 2.9 million yuan and the rest payment is about RMB5 million yuan.


I have profound interest in the area of music and I have already established a highly promising career in this area,I wish to expand my area of influence and would like to establish my own training school providing both online and offline music instruction.I feel that the thing that limits my career development is that I do not receive solid and formal academic education in music.The knowledge that I acquired is merely through my self studying.


I choose to study in Los Angeles College of Music in Pasadena,Ca, for it is one of the best Music school in the world.The premier location of Pasadena is the heart of music of USA.Each year, this school produces lots of artists,producers and well known entrepreneurs.I wish to study in an environment that all the faculty are Grammy, BMI, & People’s Choice award winning musicians and meet with classmates that are the best and brightest from across the globe.


After earning a coveted degree in the US and broaden my international perspective.I will come back to China to continue operate my TikTok and Kuaishou account. By then, I aspire to attract one then 10 million followers with my solid and formal education acquired in the US and the new perspective I gained. I will also open my own Music Instruction school providing both online and offline music instruction.


I sincerely wish you consider my application for the F1 visa to purse master of music in Los Angeles College of Music.