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Dear Visa Officer,


My name is XXX.I graduated, in 20XX, with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Automation from XXX University of Science & Technology, a provincial -level key University jointly built by the XXX Provincial People's Government and the National Ministry of Transport.It is also one of the second batch of "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan" universities and the basic capacity construction engineering universities in Central and Western regions.       It is also one of the six universities in the "Green Transportation Alliance" and one of the "Extra High Voltage Scholarship" universities.


After graduation, I joined XXX Branch of XXX Power Investment Group Co.;Ltd.       and worked as trader in Futures and spot market of Electricity Product.


State Power Investment Corporation Co., Ltd. is an important super large state-owned backbone enterprise directly managed by the central government, which shoulders the important mission of ensuring national energy security.


It is the only state-owned enterprise in China that simultaneously leads the implementation of two major national science and technology projects.It is the first energy enterprise in China to have all types of power generation, including photovoltaic power generation, wind power, hydropower, coal power, gas power, biomass power generation, etc;It is the world's largest photovoltaic power generation enterprise, new energy power generation enterprise, and clean energy power generation enterprise.


I am the kind of person that has predominantly enterprising spirit.I possess a strong leadership skill who thrive at influencing and persuading others.In my personal ways of life, I am a very conventional person.I am very much detail-oriented and organized.       I like working in a structured environment.


My attitude toward life is work as hard as possible to fully realize ones career potential,yet, as the same time enjoy life to the fullest extent.I have a very tendering wife,who is also a highly promising professional.


She graduated with a bachelor degree of XXX Finance from XXX University of Economy and Law,one of the most prestigious law schools in China.      Afterwards,she continued to pursue Master of Financial Economics in XXX University,one of Britain's leading research universities that was founded in 18XX.


Like myself,my wife also think it is equally important to enjoy life.We need to travel to other parts of the world to experience different cultural life.My wife extremely wish to see the Hollywood at Los Angeles,I myself wish very much to go to Las Vegas to play for fun.

I truly wish you may consider our application for the B2 Visa to go to the United States for fun. We will firmly abide by the rules and regulations in your country and will return to China in a timely manner.