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I am XXX, I am writing this letter to the esteemed consulate to explain and address my previous involvement in a DUI case with the document number: Common Pleas Docket No. CP-XXX. I deeply acknowledge my wrongdoing and regret my irresponsible behavior. In this letter, I wish to demonstrate my profound sorry for my past mistakes and convey my determination to change and develop myself.


First and foremost, I must honestly admit that on August 28, 20XX, I committed a serious offense by driving under the influence of alcohol. This irresponsible act posed potential dangers to society and violated traffic regulations and laws. I am deeply remorseful and extend my sincere apologies for the consequences of my actions.


Since then, I have realized my mistakes and actively sought to make a change. I accepted the consequences of the law and successfully completed the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program under the "Full Expungement Order of Court" issued by the Court of Common Pleas of Centre County, Pennsylvania Criminal Division. Through this ARD program, I actively participated in the specified rehabilitative courses and community service, demonstrating my understanding of my wrongful behavior and the desire to change.


Following the successful completion of the ARD program, I applied for the dismissal of charges related to the DUI case. After an assessment of my behavior and participation in the rehabilitative program, the Court of Common Pleas of Centre County, Pennsylvania Criminal Division dismissed the charges against me, granting me the legal acknowledgment of "Dismissal of Charges." This dismissal was a validation of my positive transformation and fresh start, as well as recognition of my achievements during the rehabilitative program.


Furthermore, the Probation Department approved the dismissal of charges, "APPROVAL OF THE PROBATION DEPARTMENT TO DISMISS CHARGES." This approval signifies my active engagement in the probation program, earning recognition from the department for my commitment to change.


I have also paid the relevant fine, taking responsibility for the consequences of my illegal actions. The payment of the fine reflects my understanding of my behavior, and I commit to continue complying with all laws and regulations while maintaining honesty and responsibility.


Since the incident, I have taken a series of proactive measures to enhance my sense of responsibility and awareness. I attended DUI prevention courses, gaining a deep understanding of the consequences of DUI and learning better decision-making and self-control. Additionally, I have started to engage in volunteer activities to give back to the community, aiming to contribute positively and amend my past behaviors.


I feel deeply ashamed of my past actions, but I believe in the opportunity for redemption and personal growth. Through this letter, I sincerely express my desire to change and demonstrate my significant progress. If granted a U.S. visa, I pledge to adhere to all laws and regulations, maintaining honesty and responsibility. I intend to travel to the United States to explore various cultures and landscapes, embracing learning and personal development along the way.


Lastly, I once again express my genuine remorse for my DUI offense and request an opportunity for a fresh start. I assure you that I will approach this opportunity with a responsible attitude and will never repeat the same mistakes.