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Dear Visa Officer,


My name is XXX. I graduated in 2017from Capital University of Economics and Business, a Beijing Municipal Key University.


I am currently working for Ruitai Life Insurance Co., LTD., a joint venture insurance company jointly held by Sweden's Scania Public Insurance Co., Ltd. and Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., LTD. The company is the first Sino-foreign joint venture life insurance company headquartered in Beijing. I am acting as assistant manager of risk management, mainly responsible for assisting the company to build and improve the risk management mechanism of claims ability and create an effective solvency risk management environment. I am also responsible for continuously monitoring the solvency risk and report the change of solvency risk to senior level managers regularly.


I aspire to attain an upper level managerial position in my present company.I have an urgent need to advance in my career and learn new skills for professional development. The insurance field requires high levels of academic training, partially because employees must be knowledgeable on the latest regulations and industry standards. The insurance industry is continuously and directly affected by technological advancements. Innovations like electronic scooters, driverless cars or even 3D printers require new strategies and policies due to potential risk.I choose to pursue advanced study in the United States,for it has the world’s highest standard Education and the degree earned in the US is highly regarded worldwide.I would like to acquired advanced knowledge in business, broaden my international perspective and give myself more insightment.


I applied and got the wonderful opportunity to study language first and then pursue master of international public policy and Management in University of Southern California.I choose this major for I wish to learn to influence decisions across borders and cultures by sharpening my analytical skills in cross-cultural communication and foreign policy. A public policy masters degree paves the way for me to attain management and leadership positions.The University of Southern California is a global university and a leader in international education.The supreme location of Los Angeles gives me endless opportunities to broaden my view and I wish to attend classes with the brightest students from across the globe and listen to lectures given by the most prominent professors in the world.


After getting the coveted degree in the US, I will return to my present company and   become a senior level manager in future.


I sincerely hope that you can consider my application for F1 visa to study in the University of Southern California. Thank you very much.